Bengaluru, India, 30 January - 1 February

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A platform to build, collate and scale water technologies, powered by Nations and organisations committed to solving the worlds most challenging issues in water.

The Hydro Nations Summit, part of the Hydro Nations Programme, is an opportunity for some of the top water entrepreneurs and leaders from across the globe to connect and collaborate with each other.

This January we had the final stage of our pilot programme at Our Native Village Resort, on the outskirts of Bengaluru, India.



This event was designed for leading entrepreneurs and influencers in the water sector. 


It was a three day residential event near Bengaluru  between January 30th – February 1st  2017 with a follow on event, Water India, in Dehli until the 3rd. 


It was a space for the delegates to learn from each other accelerate their work and connect this to live water projects from host nations.


"This is about bringing the brightest and sharpest entrepreneurial minds together and using them to stimulate innovation and identify opportunities for collaboration so we can solve some of the worlds most pressing water problems”

Barry Greig, Hydro Nation Manager, Water Industry Division, Scottish Government



Over the past 5 years we have refined a model for building ecosystems of entrepreneurs, growth support organisations and governments to grow enterprises that make the world a better place. This year we focused this model on the global water sector.

Day 1

We focused on entrepreneurs as leaders and explored ways of moving between disruption and engagement to be at the forefront of emerging trends in the Water industry. This was an opportunity for leaders meet each other and discover the people who are currently paving the way for innovation in India and around the world.

Day 2

The second day was an opportunity to hear from each and every one of the delegates about their businesses. We discussed the challenges and opportunities in India right now from experts leading initiatives and entrepreneurs who have both succeeded and failed in building companies of scale in India.

Day 3

We put down the next actionable steps to solve the problems and opportunities that we discussed. It was an opportunity to reflect on all the work that has been done and how we can bring this collaboration forward to use business and innovation as a force for good, together.

'Taking a few days out to breathe, reflect and be inspired by the honest, real-life stories of others is both energising and humbling'

Colin Hewitt, Floatapp






“This is a very different and innovative approach, a country that is looking at global problems not as issues but as resources, the thinking here is heads and tails above any other market I have tried to work with."

Peter Christou, CEO, Swirltex Ltd

"I think this is the only way, a programme that brings the world to a problem, that engages and learns from communities, and leverages governments, big business and entrepreneurs to create solutions that are long-term, cost effective, sustainable, inclusive and transformative."

Sanmit Ahuja, Head of Investment and Innovation, Centre for Ganga River Basin Management & Studies

"This programme has delivered real commercial opportunities for many of the people here, opportunities that are directly related to solving some of the biggest problems in India and across the world."

Peter Murphy, Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service


We are now taking notes of interest for Hydro Nations Summit 2018.

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