• NHS Highland

    The National Health Service Highlands, provides health and care services to many remote and rural communities in the Highlands of Scotland, covering 40% of the land mass. NHS is funded through the Scottish government.

  • Scottish Water Horizons Limited

    Wholly owned commercial subsidiary of Scottish Water, the publicly owned utility. We undertake non-core activities aimed at maximising the value of Scottish Water’s tangiable and intangiable assets. This includes activities such as: Managing and Operating dedicated, operational scale testing facilities for water and wastewater technologies. Our Development Centres offer external read more

  • Bridge Biotechnology Ltd

    Bridge Biotechnology is a designer, manufacturer and seller of two innovative, clean technologies used for disinfection and purification. ESOL technology allows customers to produce a potent disinfectant on site using salt, water, and electricity. Capacitive Recovery technology is a purification technology enabling the sustainable removal of contamination from water.  

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