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Outcomes from the Circular Economy Leaders Summit 2017

Compiled by Institute of Water and FutureX Innovation

On Wednesday 31st of May, 150 emerging and existing leaders from in and around Scotlands water sector came together in the nations capital for a summit specifically designed to accelerate the pace of collaboration and innovation across the sector.

This first summit inspired a range of collaborative projects and initiatives which bring to life the action oriented approach we aim to create.

Build an Education / Innovation Centre for Circular Economy

2050 Center at Seafield

The suggestion to build an education/innovation centre at Seafield – The Centre could host an active programme of capacity building workshops for a range of stakeholders from across the country and provide an inspiring space to teach the values of the circular economy.

Deliver collaborative programmes and events

2050 / Connect Days / CELS18

As an ecosystem we will deliver a continuous programme of events that bring our sector together and drive collaboration with other sectors

(Providers with Suppliers / emerging and existing Leaders / innovators and business builders / thought leaders with students)

Tell the story of work we do in the Water Sector

Advocacy though film and media

Changing the conversation and starting new ones – celebrating best practice and what it is that makes Scotland so incredible.

Creating community-led responses to the challenges we face

From the Circular Economy Leaders Summit and preceding Circular Economy Roundtable that was held earlier in the year - we have noticed a step change in the way stakeholders in our ecosystem are willing to interact - this shift can be defined by a change of mindset and behavior.

Recognition of complexity, and working with it, rather than against it, is becoming more common. Part of this shift is taking responsibility for our impact beyond our immediate sphere of influence, acknowledging that what we do affects not just those we have a direct relationship with, but the wider ecosystem as well. We are not lone rangers, and we shouldn’t seek to be.

Our strength lies in positive collaboration, in honesty, openness and generosity in sharing what does and doesn’t work – and in hearing, acknowledging and responding to others’ views on this. Those who hold power should take a collaborative and generous approach to leadership – thinking about their role as part of a bigger whole. They should be willing to be flexible and take risks, to see and value the complexity of the problems they are trying to address.

Welcoming this complexity feeds into a more equitable relationship between stakeholders in an ecosystem – valuing learning and improving, rather than proving; asking what matters, not what’s the matter; and putting people in the lead, instead of prescribing the solution. This is not the easy path, It takes time to build relationships and trust. It requires us to be people-driven rather than focused on process, and to take decisions which require professional judgement and empathy, instead of relying on the safety of detailed criteria. We’ll need to reassess how we ensure accountability. And we need to create a more community-led response to the challenges we face.

Circular economy and the water sector in Scotland

The 2050 Education Centre at Edinburgh Seafield

Celebrating collaboration and changing the conversation

A centre for eduction, a centre for community, a centre for innovation, a centre for collaboration

Innovation Centre

The Centre could host an active programme of capacity building workshops for a range of stakeholders from across the country. It could also provide an inspiring space in which third parties can host events.

Education Center

Home to a dedicated on site education centre. This could allow us to deliver real opportunities for Edinburgh’s people – young and old – to visit, learn how their waste water is being transformed, and gain knowledge on the dynamic world of the circular economy.

Community engagement

From employing local people, procuring from local businesses and apprentices to providing a space teaching the values of the circular economy – a liaison group could keep our neighbours up to date and involved with our progress

Hydro Nations Connect Days

We could develop a programme for existing and emerging leaders to drive the development of the Water Sector in Scotland

4 days over 12 months

In different inspiring locations hosted by partners

For existing and emerging leaders

an action oriented network that is Impact focused

Sharing best practice

Drive growth, innovation and collaboration in the sector

The Workroom for the sector

Developing the joint projects created at CELS

Leadership programme

Relentless focus on emotional intelligence for Impact

Building a movement

Recruiting champions and arming them to build a movement

Circular Economy Leaders Summit 2018

An annual event to bring together the emerging and existing leaders of the Water Sector and its partners

1 Day Summit

At Dynamic Earth in Scotlands Capital

The annual Summit of a movement

Multi stakeholder event that brings the entire ecosystem together for a day of collaboration

Celebrating the Impact

Of the collaborative projects running across the sector

Sharing best practice

Drive growth, innovation and collaboration in the sector

For existing and emerging leaders

an action oriented network that is Impact focused

Sharing outcomes

from the Leadership programme

Scottish Water Horizons - ethical waste management

Scottish Water Horizons Project working with SEPA supporting the Scottish Government’s “Making Things Last – Circular Economy Strategy

'An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come'

Victor Hugo

CELS17 was a sell out event

“My main take away from today, I am overwhelmed by the level of innovation and passion that is here in the water industry to make major changes and how when you bring the right people together those changes really start to happen.”

Viki Taylor – Head of Water Resources Unit – SEPA

“I saw today the tremendous energy for new ideas and new collaborations. What I saw was people facing the circular economy in a practical way, looking at the incremental steps and projects that can be taken on.

This is a lot about leadership and people having the courage to throw themselves into it and start to solve the problems. We don’t know all the answers and you don’t know exactly where you are going to end up. So you do need the guts to throw yourselves in and make a start - and I saw people here today really doing that. This is the kind of spirit we are going to need whether it is in Scotland or the developing world. We need the people with the courage to get stuck in because it is a learning process and we don’t have the answers today and we need the people with the willingness to experiment.”

Sandy Roger – The Toilet Board

“The day has been brilliant the energy has been absolutely fantastic. For me it is now about what we do next to take this forward - we have all shared ideas, we have been inspired by what is possible, the intent and the passion is there, what matters now is that we continue to connect with each other and take this all forward.. “

Nicola McFarlane – Head of Assurance at Veolia Water (North)

“Today we got the chance to bring a whole load of people from a bunch of different worlds together. We got a really good insight into how this creates positive opportunities in the Circular Economy for us as individuals, companies and as a country. We learnt that it can't be done alone, it has to be done together.“

Jim Panton – President of Institute of Water (Scotland)

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