The Hydro Nations Leadership Series is a 12 month mentoring and leadership development programme composing of four full days throughout the year.

An action-oriented network of Scotland's emerging and existing leaders working together to build a world leading sustainable economy.

The first day, Connect Day 1, will take place on Monday 26 February in Edinburgh

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Regional Programmes

International Programmes

Supported by the Scottish Government Hydro Nation Programme, The Hydro Nations Leadership Series is an opportunity for people in Scotland's water sector to collaborate with each other and some of the top water entrepreneurs and leaders from across the nation to build a world leading sustainable economy.

Circular economy and the water sector in Scotland


The programmes are designed for people working in and around the water sector


A recurring year long programme of both regional and international programmes 


An ecosystem where individuals  and organisations learn from experts and each other to accelerate their work and connect this to the knowledge and mindset the water sector will require from them in the future.


"We want to bring ambitious minds together and provide them with the leadership skills and right mindset to stimulate innovation and identify opportunities for collaboration in Scotland's world leading circular economy”

Jim Panton, President, Institute of Water: Scotland

Programme Summary

Engaging Talks

The linear “take, make, dispose” way of doing things belongs in the past. It’s time to usher in an economic system that’s both restorative and regenerative. Our speakers will share examples of best practice and bring to life the opportunities that the circular economy represents for individuals, business and society.

Interactive Workshops

At these events a great deal of space will be made available for structured information sharing and problem solving between participants. The intention is to provide a space where future and established leaders in the sector can explore best practice and new ideas using both design thinking and systems thinking.

Mentoring Partnerships

Recruitment for the programmes will be designed so there is an equal split of industry experience in the room. This is so we can create a space where we can kickstart a significant transfer of value between different groups. Experience will be matched with energy and ambition to form mentoring partnerships.

Next Action Steps

The programmes are designed so every participant will walk away with good contextual knowledge and a clear understanding of the opportunities relevant to them in the circular economy. Our hope is that the individual next action steps will become very clear to us all. 




'An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come'

Victor Hugo

"I am overwhelmed by the level of innovation and passion that is here in the water industry to make major changes and how when you bring the right people together those changes really start to happen.”

Viki Taylor – Head of Water Resources Unit – SEPA

"Tremendous energy for new ideas and new collaborations. What I saw was people facing the circular economy in a practical way, looking at the incremental steps and projects that can be taken on.

This is a lot about leadership and people having the courage to throw themselves into it and start to solve the problems. We don’t know all the answers and you don’t know exactly where you are going to end up. So you do need the guts to throw yourselves in and make a start - and I saw people here today really doing that. This is the kind of spirit we are going to need whether it is in Scotland or the developing world. We need the people with the courage to get stuck in because it is a learning process and we don’t have the answers today and we need the people with the willingness to experiment.”

Sandy Roger – The Toilet Board

“Brilliant, the energy has been absolutely fantastic. For me it is now about what we do next to take this forward - we have all shared ideas, we have been inspired by what is possible, the intent and the passion is there, what matters now is that we continue to connect with each other and take this all forward.. “

Nicola McFarlane – Head of Assurance at Veolia Water (North)

“We got the chance to bring a whole load of people from a bunch of different worlds together. We got a really good insight into how this creates positive opportunities in the Circular Economy for us as individuals, companies and as a country. We learnt that it can't be done alone, it has to be done together.“

Jim Panton – President of Institute of Water (Scotland)

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